Frequently asked questions

Q: How much do you charge for pack-shots?

A: We charge a flat day rate for our photography and Photoshop services. This keeps things nice and simple when budgeting for your product photography.  CLICK HERE to get a quote.

Q: Do your 360˚ revolutions work on iPhones, iPads & Android devices?
A: Yes. We create mobile compatible revolutions based on HTML5 and Java Script technology. And, if you're a bit old fashioned, we can even create Flash or non-interactive GIF versions too.

Q: How quickly do you work?

A: It varies according to our workload. Right now we're getting 360 degree product photographs, still packshots and some video packshots back to clients within 5 days of shooting. We're used to juggling tight deadlines however, so if you need it faster just ask!

Q: Do I need to shell out for standard packshots if I'm also buying 360 spins?

A: No. That's another advantage of revolutionary spin photography. Because the 360 spin process involves taking lots of pictures of your product we simply take one of those images and save it as a high-res file for a minimum charge. It's easy, and cost effective!

Q: Can I just have just one product image?

A: Absolutely. We set no limits on order quantities. You can have 1 or 10,000.

Q: What if I need images with a little more 'va-va-voom'?

A: We love projects like that. Sometimes your basic packshots just aren't enough. Making products come to life is what we do. As creative technician-types we know how to deliver the biggest bang for your buck. In terms of up-front costs creative photography and video packshots may sound a little more pricey, but in the longer term it nearly always pays huge dividends. Just call us on 07941 810 621 and we'll walk you through the options.